2017-04-13 What are the common problems in the use of overhead cables?
First of all, to understand what is the overhead cable, overhead cable is generally used aluminum conductor, because light weight! Overhead cables are generally 6kV below the cable, if the voltage level is high, the need for special process production!  Overhead cable laying construction with less investment, easy maintenance and easy maintenance, the disadvantage is the natural conditions (wind, snow, ice, lightning, etc.) is a big threat to the safe operation, in order to save the country construction funds, generally using overhead lines is appropriate.
1 use the reactor to add the system impedance to limit the short circuit current
2 make the short circuit current accounting, accurate selection and calibration of electrical equipment, so that the additional voltage of electrical equipment and the line of additional voltage.
3 electrical equipment and maintenance of electrical equipment, to avoid the wrong wiring, misoperation, in the vicinity of the site from the live parts of the operation, to avoid the adoption of short circuit approach.
4 in the substation lightning arrester, in the vicinity of the transformer and the line arrester, lightning damage reduction.
5 remove faulty wiring or equipment from the power system, so that others can continue to operate.
6 additional current accurately pick relay protection setting value and melt, choose quick break protection device, in order to attack can quickly cut off the short circuit current, reduce duration of short-circuit current, loss caused by the short cut.
7 to stop the load pull broach, charged with grounding knife gate. The grounding wire should be removed immediately after the construction of the line. To the line, equipment inspections, timely detection of defects, agile maintenance.
8 to strengthen management, to avoid small animals into the distribution room, climb the electrical equipment. Eliminate the conductive dust in time to avoid conductive dust entering the electrical equipment.
9 to ensure the construction quality of the overhead cable line, strengthen the line protection, always keep the line vertical and consistent with the rules.
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