2017-04-13 Why now environmental protection cable become the current market products?
Now the domestic air quality is getting worse and worse, we have been shrouded in haze all day, so the country is increasingly concerned about this piece of environmental protection.
First of all, to introduce what is environmentally friendly cable? Environmental protection type cable cable mainly refers to the content of lead and cadmium and mercury, six chromium, polybrominated biphenyls and polybrominated diphenyl ether in the range of RoHS within the EU regulations, and shall not contain environmental hormones, wire and cable, can not pollute soil and water. What are the advantages of environmentally friendly cables?
First, the flame retardant performance, environmental friendly flame retardant wire and cable flame retardant performance is good, in the face of fire and fire, can prevent the rapid spread and spread of the flame, its control in a limited area, the loss to a minimum!
Second: temperature resistance level increased, carrying capacity increased. General general PVC wire resistance temperature rating of 70 degrees, while the environmental protection wire temperature resistance of 105 degrees, 125 degrees, 150 degrees, compared with ordinary cable up to 30 DEG C ~ C.
In fact, the development and use of environmentally friendly cables and related products are lagging behind the developed countries for about ten years, until after 2000, they gradually get rid of the situation of total dependence on imports. Now the domestic environmental protection cable has been in line with national and international standards, but peoples awareness of environmental protection needs to be improved, the product also needs to vigorously promote the future development of environmentally friendly cable will be immeasurable!
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