2017-04-13 What are the problems that should be paid attention to during the installation and wiring of the control cable?
Control cable is a new type of cable, the required amount in the market is very high, the control cable is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments for rated voltage of 450/750 volts below control, protection circuit and other occasions of PVC insulation, PVC sheathed control cable. But in the wiring operation, should pay attention to the following problems!
First: under the eaves! The cable can be used only when the cable is not directly exposed to sunlight or under high temperature. Ultraviolet (UV) - do not use the cable without UV protection in direct sunlight environment.
Second: on the wall! Avoid direct sunlight to the walls and man-made damage. Heat - the temperature of the cable in the metal pipe or wire slot is very high, and many polymeric materials will reduce the service life.
Third: pipe (plastic or metal)! Such as in the pipeline, pay attention to the damage of plastic pipe and metal pipe. Mechanical damage (repair costs) - the repair of the optical cable is very expensive, at least two times in each breakpoint.
Fourth: suspended application / overhead cable! Consider cable sag and pressure. Whether the cable is directly irradiated by sunlight.
Fifth: directly in the underground cable trench laying, the environment is the smallest control! The installation of the cable trench shall be checked regularly for dryness or humidity. Grounding - if the control cable is shielded from ground, it must comply with the relevant standards.
Sixth: underground pipeline! In order to facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement as well as the isolation of the surface pressure and the surrounding environment, the isolation of the auxiliary pipeline, the pipeline is a good way to. But dont expect the pipeline will always be dry, which will affect the choice of cable types. Water - in the local area network twisted pair cable moisture will increase the cable capacitance, thereby reducing the impedance and cause the problem of near end crosstalk.
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