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Guide For Registration

Dear new students of 2020

Congratulations on joining the family of Hospitality Institute of Sanya! Here are ladies and gentlemen, both elegant and modest, elegant demeanor with the unique temperament. Before you enter the school, there are the following items that you need to prepare in advance.

I. Most Important

1.Visa Application

With the documents issued by HIS, the student should apply for a long-term or short-term student visa (X1 or X2to enter China. L type(Tourist visa)visa can no longer be uesd for studying purpose.

The X1 Visa is generally issued for a student planning to study for more than 180 days. The X1 visa is valid for 30 days from the date entering into China. Before the visa expires (usually 15 days before the expiration date ), the holder must apply for a Residence Permit, which is valid for multiple entries. All new students are allowed to enter into China maximum one week before the registartion date.

The X2 Visa has a 180-day limit, and is generally issued for those who are going to be studying for less than 180 days. The X2 visa is usually only valid for one entry.

It is important to pay special attention to the expiration date of the visa.Staying in China with an expired visa is a violation of Chinese law. The violators will be fined (500-10000RMB), be detained for investigation, and /or be deported.

2.Arrival Info

Once you have confirmed your travel dates and time to the Institute,Please send the flight information, Itinerary, passport ID page, visa page to in time.

.Registration Procedures

1.International students should register at the International Collaboration Center within 24 hours after they arrive at the HIS. It is compulsory that you bring all the original documents used during the application: Admission Notice, JW201/202, Physical Examination Record, Diploma or Degree Certificate, Transcript and others will be sighted and checked during registration. Any missing documents will invariably lead to rejection and refusal to enroll in the University. Also, bring along 10 2-inch copies of recent passport photograph for use during the registration process.

2. Physical examination and health certificate

All freshmen should take part in the physical examination organized by the HIS after they report to the school.

Physical examinees should carry:

1) Physical examination application form

2) Original passport, passport page and copy of visa page

3) 3 2-inch bareheaded photos with white background

4) Physical Examination fee (no more than 500 yuan)

3.Residence Permit 

If the period of stay indicated in the student's visa does not exceed 180 days, the holder shall stay in China on the basis of the period of stay indicated on the visa.

Students whose visa indicates that they need to apply for residence certificates after entering the country shall apply to the exit Entry Administration Bureau of Sanya Public Security Bureau for residence certificates of foreigners within 30 days from the date of entry.

 When applying for residence permit, the following materials must be prepared:

1) Visa application form (JW202 / JW201)

2) Admission notice

3) Physical examination certificate issued by health and quarantine department

4) Residence registration certificate of immigration Personnel issued by the police station in the jurisdiction of residence

5) School correspondence

6) My passport and its copy (photo and copy of valid page of passport)

7) Copy of visa and entry date page

8) Copy of the latest entry record page (China Customs entry seal)

9) 2-inch bareheaded white background photos with bar code

10) Residence permit application form

11) Certificate issued by International Exchange Center

HIS will extend residence permit ONLY if a sthdents has fully finished registration procedures. HIS is not responsible for students’s residence permit if students come much earlier,like in August or Sertemper

Fee Payment


Please check your admission notice for the tuition fee details. You are required to pay off the tuition fees and other fees upon arrival (WITHIN 10 WORKING DAYS). Delay in payment of fees may delay your registration and residence permit process.

2.Accommodation Fee

The accommodation fee is 1400 yuan/half year , 2800 yuan / year excluding winter and summer vacation,during winter and summer vacations,accommodation fee is 50 yuan per day/person(four rooms, private bathroom, balcony, air conditioning, wireless network). Bedding is available for purchase or bring it by yourself.

3. Other Fees

Application Fees : 400 CNYalready paid

Registration Fees: 1000 CNY

Physical Examination: 400 CNY (to be paid to Entry-Exit Inspection & Quarantine Bureau)

Medical Insurance Fee: 400 CNY/half year ,800 CNY/year.

Resident Permit:400 CNY/half year ,800 CNY/year. (to be paid to Public Security Bureau by candidate)

Deposit for Dormitory: 500 CNY

Books : Flexible, about 300-500 CNY/semester .

Living expenses: Approximately 1,200 CNY/month (Depends on your personal budget)

The 400 CNY fee paid during application process as seat reservation fee is not refundable and would be deducted from the total fees payable during the registration process.(Kindly keep your payment receipt/note)

Ⅳ.How to Arrive

Sanya Phoenix International Airport,

Sanya railway station, Yalongwan station

Take bus No.33 to the National Rice Park Station, and then go south for 1 km

Sanya city

Take bus No.23 and get off at Hospitality Institue of Sanya Station

Ⅴ. Register Residence Info

According to the exit and entry bureau of china, you must register your residence information within 24 hours after arriving china.

Show your passport and register at the University dormitory or hotel you stay in. If you live in friend’s or relative’s house, you should register at the local police station.A fine of 2000 CNY will be imposed by Police if you fail to do so; which may also affect your visa renewal in future.

VI. Registration

The registration process will commence From Oct. 22th to 25th, 2020within 8:30-11:30 | 13:30-16:30

If you fail to register within the time limit without permission from Hospitality Insititute of Sanya, your admission will be cancelled.

Registration Procedures for 2020 international students

Registration date: October 22-25

Registration time: 08:30-18:00

Registration place: International  Collaboration Center


Registration process:

1. Verification information

Take the admission notice and passport to the International Exchange Center for verification, and get the freshmen registration transfer form

2. Payment confirmation

Hold the payment notice and handle the card payment procedures with the passport.

3. Get one card

4. Submit the enrollment registration form for freshmen, get the student handbook, and check-in notice

5. Check in

1) Check information and arrange check-in;

2) Submit the check-in agreement (please sign it in advance).

6. Purchase bedding

Campus telephone:

department                    Office location                    Office phone

International Exchange Center  North teaching building 404b       0898-88381111-6880

Security Department            North teaching building 101        0898-88381111-6812

Clinic                         B17, basement 1, North apartment   0898-88381111-6120


International Exchange Center

Miss Li Xue 15227761634  Miss Liang Xuemei 18976591399

Emergency call120Police call110Fire call119    


VII.  Others

1. Arrange personal hair well during the summer vacation. Students are not allowed to dye their hair, dye their nails, or tattoo. Boys' hair should be no more than the forehead, the side but not the ear and the back not the collar.

2. In addition to tuition fees, you also need to prepare for miscellaneous expenses. (please bring cash as much as possible)

3. If I give up admission, please do not use the admission documents received for visa and entry to China, otherwise, you will be punished by the police for illegal entry and residence.

4. China does not recognize the driving license of other countries. If you need to drive a vehicle after you come to China, you need to test and apply for a Chinese driver's license. In China, it is a crime to drive a motor vehicle after drinking. It is forbidden to drive and park motorcycles on campus.

5. Keep the passport and other certificates, keep the credit card, cash, computer and other valuables; do not store cash and valuables in the dormitory.

6. When you leave the room, you must lock the doors and windows, cut off the water and power supply.  Don't go out alone at night.

7. Don't chat up with strangers, let alone bring strangers into your own room.

8. When encountering strangers, you should try to leave quickly; when you are attacked by lawless elements, you should dial 110 to call the police immediately.

9. When you get lost, please ask the police for help.

10. Don't lend money to others easily.

11. In case of difficulties, please contact the teacher or counselor in time.

12.Please prepare your suit and shoes. Please see attachment 1 and 2.

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