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How To Apply

Admission  requirements

1. High school education background;

2. Aged between 18 and 30.

3. No criminal record;

4. Hold a valid passport;

5. Pass a physical examination;

6. Agree to observe relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China and the regulations of HIS at all times.

Application Materials

Complete application Form for enrollment

2. Latest ID photo;

3. Hard copy of your passport ID page (passport valid for at least 6 months);

4. Hard copy of academic certificate, original document and notarized document of transcripts;

5. Two letters of recommendation and one copy of the last diploma certificate;

6. Certificate of no criminal record or notary certificate of it (Date after 1 April 2020);

7. Guarantee letter of coming to PRC, a copy of the valid ID of the guarantor;

8. The physical examination record for foreigner. Applicants are required to provide a physical examination report valid for up to 6 months.

Application Time

Fall Semester 2020

1. Normal Application Period: 15 April 2020-1 June 2020

2. Extended Application Period: 2 June 2020-30 August 2020

Spring Semester 2021

1. Normal Application Period: 15 October 2020-15 December 2020

2. Extended Application Period: 16 December 2020-1 January 2021

(Subject to Availability)

application process

①Submission of Application Materials —— ②Materials Review —— ③Video Interview—— ④Receive a JW202 and Admission Letter—— ⑤Visa Application  —— ⑥Registration in HIS —— ⑦Pay the Tuition Fee and Accommodation Fee ——  ⑧Physical Examination in China —— ⑨Visa Renewal

Please follow the application process to submit the materials required to within the required application time.