Company Culture

Create the first-class environmental protection wire and cable manufacturing enterprises

Enterprise culture is the soul of enterprises, time cable in the "integrity, truth-seeking, innovation, unity," the spirit of enterprise, around the "people-oriented, harmonious and enterprising" management approach to "quality first" as the center, through hard work, Extraordinary results.
Business philosophy: quality of survival, to the credibility of development.
Service concept: customer first, integrity services.
Quality Assurance System Overview
Zhejiang Time Cable Co., Ltd. is the backbone of the cable industry production enterprises, our company has grown in the process of growing a complete, scientific management system and quality assurance system. Now on the quality assurance system to do the following profile:
My companys quality policy is: scientific management, customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, zero defect products.
Scientific management: embodied in the implementation of iso9001 standards and "industrial products production license management approach" of the scientific management system, so that product quality management of scientific, standardized and institutionalized.
Customer satisfaction: through scientific management, to achieve customer satisfaction.
Continuous improvement: With the progress of science, social development, our quality goals will be endless, the pursuit of better, to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers.
Zero defect products: in accordance with the scientific quality management system to deepen the improvement of product quality and improve the companys production and sales of products are high-quality products to achieve zero defect products.
My companys quality objectives are: finished a test pass rate of ≥ 98%, three years increased to 99%; customer satisfaction is 100%, and quality-related departments should be based on the overall goal of the plant decomposition, into the specific sector work goals.
Quality management system detail management by quality planning control procedures, document control procedures, record control procedures, human resources control procedures, supplier selection and control procedures, key raw material inspection or verification procedures, production process control procedures, quality management and product inspection Control procedures, testing equipment control procedures, substandard product control procedures and process management control procedures and other common form.
To product testing control procedures, for example, product testing can be divided into: self-test, mutual inspection, special inspection.
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