I better introduce my self first .. My name is Paul and this is my website knowl8dge (if you’re wondering about the 8 ball logo ) it is supposed to be a reference to those magic 8 ball’s ,you know the ones with all the answers !

 “I don’t pretend to make such claims myself ….but time, trial and error … lots of error.. has taught me a lot”

I started this website over 2 years ago and I have to say it has been the best idea of my life. Testing these systems has at times been terrible, emotional, often expensive, time sapping and even heart breaking…. but…..that feeling when i stumble on to something that actually BANK’S money well its just great…

… no actually it’s fucking awesome…

And…. I get to share these systems with anyone that will listen … well read…

I even get the odd email now (from time to time) from some of you who take the plunge and buy one of my recommendation’s ….and when they seem to be pretty damn happy earning a little extra …. we’ll It makes me feel like there is a spot in heaven waiting for me …..in between two blonde’s

Still reading ….Good well lets cut the past readers testimonials nonsense because there are actually a few things you should really know before you go running to my top Systems reviews …..

I first must say that after seeing so many internet money scheme’s “sales funnels” it is easy to become severely jaded ….But I also quickly developed quite a radar for bullshit… and I know many of you will feel the same …..

But cynicism is a “good character trait” to have when you are seriously considering risking any of your hard-earned cash on any product from the online wealth Creation niche …. and l can not denies that over 85% of this site’s reviews turned out to be scams after I began using  them….


So before you even read a review please consider these facts

  1. A system that works really well for me is not always perfect for every one…. so read the review carefully…. I list the down sides or the usage requirements…. and they are important…… I know I get a bit excited when I found something that works ….but the requirements are there….. usage time , country you live in, investment needed. skill level, is there work involved etc..etc you must consider these.
  2. Money Back Guarantee. don’t buy anything without one. All the systems that made money for me and I promote here have it …,.60 days no questions asked …. forget the hard sell of the sales page ..the guys speed boat .. if it does what it claims you wont be taking it back will you ….
  3. I can explain exactly how a product will work …. By that I mean how it will make money and how you must use it to do this … If the sales page or a website that is supposed to be reviewing it  say’s it works they should be able to tell you how ……. it’s not letting the cat out of the bag or giving away the secret… it’s a reasonable request..
  4. And Finally …..The systems that have been most profitable for me are that ones I enjoy using …and I believe the same will be  true for you . If for example the product makes money by creating Facebook fan pages and you still don’t have a personal Facebook…. it’s not gonna happen for you … Or If the product scans for odds changes on early afternoon horse races but you work night shifts and don’t know what a saddle is? That one is probable not ideal either …. gambling and making money is supposed to be fun (I think) but if it is …. I know you will do much better….


So if i haven’t completely scared you off or crushed the dream you might want to visit my top systems page and read  the review’s of the best products I have tested….

Not that interested . I also wrote a post to answer the question I get asked most frequently…….

“How to make money without buying anything”

Thanks for reading .

Paul Caskie


I have recently updated my website to include a review system for you the readers to complete… you will see it below any review i have added performance scores too … just scroll down to the comment form and add your very own star rating .. but please at-least test a copy first …or your taking the piss a bit….

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