Infomation and reviews on Bitcoin the digital currency

Review: The Commodity Robot Will this Actually Work For A Change ?

This is going to be another big product arriving on the 13th of may 2014…. And it plans to open up a brand new market in money making software ….Trading commodity such as gold, silver, Oil, Copper, Palladium, Coffee and finally bit coin… That all sound lovely but i should first say it is being released by the team that created: Bit coin Robot Which despite initial Gains ….Does not work very well Crisis Killer which can shed money with strange and stupid trades Fapturbo 2.0 which does trade well in Forex but does not with Bit-coin As well as the German Binary Robot which i can’t really comment on because i don’t own out of refusal to buy it ! So Will The […]

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Posted by Paul Caskie - 09/05/2014 at 4:27 pm

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Review: Fapturbo 2.0 Forex and Bitcoin Trading Software

UPDATE 2: I had not used this software for months ….But at the start of last month the developers released… new updated setting for its use….After running it again for a few days it has produced  losses …… I have also never seen any profit from the bitcoin trading feature but the developers are also posting positive results from its use around the webs,,,,,, I can there for no longer recommend this product … I have now tested 4 Forex E.A or Robots and can now recommend only one forex megadroid  Fapturbo 2.0 has quite reassuringly has been 5 years in the making. It is the follow up to the massively successful “Fabturbo 1” that was launched in 1999 and is still used today […]

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Posted by Paul Caskie - 17/04/2014 at 7:12 pm

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Review: BTC Robot the First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot

  This software just has to many fucking problems for me to recommend it to anyone…….if you have enough bit coins to trade with this software ….you probably know how trade better anyway ………….so save your money………. If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin’s yet you have got some serious catching up to do as the worlds first crypto currencey is slowly taking over the world. Unfortunately the market cost for these coins changes daily faster than a manic depressives mood cycle (i can make those jokes i am one). In fact the value has dropped as low £27 pounds to a peak of £720 in the space of 2 months. don’t take my word for it check the value today (that’s a currency converter link) […]

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Posted by Paul Caskie - 04/12/2013 at 8:54 pm

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Review: Peer to Peer Bitcoin Loans

I have been interested in bitcoin for quite some time , they are s digital Currency that can be transferred anonymously, i not writing this review to explain them as to be honest i don’t think i could fully describe them or there potential, try here for a full technical explanation , sorry for the i do run a money making blog though ok . are a very new site with a very new idea , for years and years people have Applied for loan’s and make repayment to the lender , we all understand the principal of interest the trouble is its the banks , or those fuckers at wonga who make the cash , bitjam […]

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Posted by Paul Caskie - 08/08/2013 at 1:51 pm

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