Review: Bonus Bagging Arbs ..Arbitrage Betting Software

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Bonus Bagging Arbs is quite easily confused with the original Bonus Bagging (matched betting system) and in truth it carries the same name because it was initially only available as an add on product to that original..

But it is now available as a stand alone product … so that is what I will be looking at in this review.

I will be discussing the features of this Arbitrage product. How it works, as well as its good and bad points.

You may like to read my “what is arbitrage betting” post first for an explanation of the different types of this money making method….

What type of Arbitrage does BB Arbs provide ?

Well one of the strong points of this software is that it provides both Dutching Arbitrage with traditional bookmakers and Lay/Back Arb bets making use of the betting exchange Betfair.

How do you receive these bets?

The bets are obtained from software you can access within the member’s area… There is no download involved.

The software has two separate live feeds of Arbs… One is for Dutching and the other is for Lay/Back betting with the betting exchange…

You can see screenshots below… the first is the Lay/Back display and the next is the Dutching screen.

Lay-back interface



as you can see from the above, you have a live feed of 100’s of Arbs from which you can pick and choose. This allows you to pick which bets interest you….

By clicking on a selection….Up pops an interface with the bet details and a stake calculator…

Below is an example of a Lay/Back bet and then a Dutching bet…

lay example 1

dutching example 2 better

This calculator lets you enter your stake amount……And then automatically the software shows you the guaranteed profit and how to spread out the individual bets.

How does this compare to other arbitrage systems?

Well just like 100% winners this software carries massive benefits over any subscription service i.e. Arbs by email service like

Benefits such as …..

The ability to pick and choose which bets you wish to place. This also allows you to operate with less bookmaker accounts.

Because you have a live feed of selections you are also not rushing to place these bets before the correct odds disappear.

And with Bonus Bagging’s Arbitrage software you can pick and choose from 2 different type of Arbitrage.. the best of both worlds indeed.

However from the time i have been tested Arbitrage products i would have to say the 100% winners has consistently found a slightly higher percentage profit Dutching bets ….. by a margin of 2 or 3%.

So what are the downsides ?

Well…. like every Dutching system you run a small chance of bookmaker account limitation … But your risks are much lower than subscription services …

Thankfully though…  The Lay/Back method is also included in this Arbs package and carries no risk as you are the bookmaker on a betting exchange ..

As I have mentioned in my other reviews when placing Dutching bets a good rule to avoid problems is to keep your stakes below £300. Mix up the bookmakers you use day to day or place Arbs which use 3 bookmakers to cover the outcomes as these also can’t be identified.

The only downside with the Lay/Back method is it generally requires more money to operate it.

Can i use this in America ?

No, there are very few bookmakers where the software pulls feeds from that will allow you to register with them …It can be used in Europe and beyond but this could be with slightly limited bookmakers choice….

I would have to say “100% Winners” is better designed for international use as it tracks odds from many more bookmakers …

The Details

The software costs £97+ Tax for a full year of use. It can be purchased with Bonus Bagging or without. For my readers that already have “bonus bagging matched betting” ….. it uses the same bookmakers … so it can increase your profits further…

The software includes an instruction manual, a case study entitled “£140.03 pound profit in 3 hours” which teaches you exactly that!! There are another 4 short videos to watch that also explain its use.

The software also comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee….


This software really does give you the best of both worlds in that it includes two types of Arbitrage betting techniques.

Plus, at £97 with no monthly billing it is also the best price out of all the products I have reviewed. However I would have to conclude that if you are an international reader … you would be better suited with 100% winners

But take nothing away from Bonus Bagging Arbs Betting software especially if you are UK based … This is a fantastic product that will produce risk free profits everyday you use it…

With a starting investment of £300 it will be possible to produce around £50 of risk free profit each week. and this sum could be tripled with use of the lay/back system also.. But you will require more investment to do that ….

If you have never bet on-line before …. my tip..!   would be to first use the bonus bagging matched betting system to cash out the welcome free bet bonuses that are only available when you sign up with a new bookmaker ….

that product is much more effective at cash out this welcome cash  … and you will then have open accounts with enough bookies to make steady profit with arbitrage too….

Thanks for Reading

Paul Caskie


Bonus bagging Arbitrage Software

£ +tax per year97
Bonus bagging Arbitrage Software

Price (£97+tax)


    Time to use (short)


      support (Excellent)


        Investment (£300+)


          Profit (Good)



            • - Profits are risk free
            • - Choice of arbitrage styles
            • - Easy to use
            • - Not rush to place bets
            • - Pick and choose bets you want


            • - Multiple bookmaker accounts needed
            • - Less international Friendly
            • - Lay/back betting requires more investment