Review: The Midas Method 3.0 Automated Bet Selecting Software

The Midas Method

**** UPDATE …this software has recently been upgraded.. To make the user interface easier to use. The developers  have also added mobile integration as well as a few more extra features and betting systems … is alway pleasing to hear that any product I recommend  is being updating and still evolving….. the software Is still available from the link below and all current users will access extra features at no extra cost… I will update my review when I have had a bit of time using them  UPDATE***

Phil Rushton is a professional gambler and creator of the…. a football betting tips service ( I have championed this for quite some time)

Because of that good relationship… I have also been given exclusive early access to his new betting product the Midas Method 3.0 which launched this week.

This product is however actually the brain child of Phil betting accomplice Steve Gilruth.

In this review I will be looking at this product’s features, Profit Potential, and if it’s worth buying…

So what does the Midas method offer?

Firstly you will notice this product is described as “3.0” this is of course denotes it is actually the third incarnation of its betting method… The updated version of this product now completely automates the previously method with the use of software..

This new product is actually two products… First and foremost …sign ups gain access to betting software that runs from inside a members area site.

Members will also receive horse betting tips weekly by email….. These email’s are generally sent 3 times a week and include premium tips from Phil, Steve and their team of pro gamblers ..

So how does this software intend to make money?

Well it works on a basic principle.

The Midas software tracks odds from bookmakers on horse races…. comparing the early Post forecast odds, with the current odds and locates odds drops of 40% or more.  It does this in real-time so it can also detect these odd drops “in play”….This means while the horses are running…

When it finds these “40% drops” it displays them in the members area app with various details such as current odds, race time and percentage of the drop found. You can see a screen shot below…

Live Odds Drop

So why is a 40% drop in odds a good thing to find?

Well when a professional gambler looks for horses to back in races … they have to study many aspects to find the best pick such as….

The form of the horses racing

The type of ground the horse is running in …(and which horses perform better)

The trainer’s record…. The breed of horse… The odds ….You get the idea…..

“And let’s be honest This is all far too much work! … It’s practically a full-time job”

And in fact …..It is a full-time job..

But not only for the professional gambler …. The bookmakers also have people doing this.. If they didn’t they would not be able to predict the most likely winner and could lose millions by offering the wrong odds.

So put simply

When you can detect that the odds on a horse drop or are “shortened” by 40%….This is a very positive indication that the bookmakers believe this horse has a big chance of winning……

So why do I need this software?…. Can’t I just bet on the favourite ?

A very good question …and this was my first thought too…!

But I soon discovered that many horse races actually don’t have a clear favourite…. Especially 2 or 3 hours before the race start. And what is also interesting is that in many cases this software doesn’t pick out the odds reflected clear favourite anyway…

What I also learned through use of the Midas app is…… it can often pick out the favourite before the odds reflect this too …. by identifying the odds initial drop quickly and early. This means you can often get a higher odds bet placed before they drop further ….

And that can only mean better returns on your winners….

So what are the downsides of the midas method 3.0 ?

Well this is not risk free betting…You are using a method which has proven effective for the last 5 years but ……nothing can pick the winner in every race….

But with that in mind…. Whilst testing the software, I noticed most of the selections had odds greater than 4/1 ….so you only need to win one race in every four to be in profit ….

The software’s manual does advise that the best time for placing bets is around 12 pm (lunchtime)

That is UK time so this could be a problem for some..

Do I need to sign up to lots of bookmakers ?

No, this software only draws price feeds from two bookmakers, William Hill and Bet-fair… Both of these bookmakers have licences in most countries so this product can be used by many… However races take place in the UK afternoon… Again this must be considered.

The other details

The software and support costs £14.95 a month or £79 for a year’s access.

There is no limit on use but it only really detects these drops in daytime hours …

I will follow this post up with some hard results…. but I can say this method was operating with win ratio of close to 50% (In its previous version) which is very, very good for any betting product …

I have not owned it long myself but I have seen 4 winners from 7 races I tracked.

You are also free to bet where you like but …..the tracked odds are only from two bookmakers.

The software comes with an easy to read e-book and F.A.Q section explaining the exact methods but there is also email support included.

The literature states that 25£ stakes are optimal for the best profits … so to follow a full day’s racing a maximum bank of 100£ should be adequate..  But you can of course bet less..

The software also tracks odds increases for a separate drifter betting system which is explained too.

There is a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee

I have created a video tour of the member’s area below.

Thanks for reading

Paul Caskie

UPDATE: this software has been performing great …. so I am very happy to recommend it! in the 17 races I have now bet on and tracked ..I have seen 9 winners leaving my first month profit at just over £680 …excellent …


The Midas Method 3.0

£ a month or £ for a year'14.9579
The Midas Method 3.0

Price (£79.00)


    Time to Use (Short)


      Support (Good)


        Investment (£100.00)


          Profit (Good)



            • - Does not require many bookmaker accounts
            • - Bets are found by software
            • - Easy to use
            • - Can be Use In most country's
            • - Investment needs is low


            • - Not risk free
            • - Monthly billing more expensive
            • - UK Operating hours and race times