Review: Penny Stock Prophet the Alarming Secret I discovered!

Penny Stock

Ever since i discovered how much profit can be made in just one afternoon with a good choice of penny stock i must admit I’ve been hooked on this type of trading. But unfortunately the excellent Jason bonds picking service costs almost 300$ per quarter.

So over the last few months I’ve been looking at other picking services to see if there is another comparable alternative that doesn’t break the bank…..

So at 47$ for a lifetime of expert stock picks, James Connelly’s penny stock prophet sounds almost to good to be trueAnd I can reveal for certain that it is !

“You get what you pay” is not always true…… Even when it comes to making money on-line and over the years I have run this site, I’ve have discover the odd bargain here or there but ….

“This product truly is one of the worst, In fact its designed to make you lose money”

Upon sign up you get an e book called the “Triple tricks of the trade”  and subscription to James’s picks. These arrive by email normally twice a week. Within the book James lays out his blueprint for success….. This basically involves a strategy that focuses on 1 to 4 day momentum moves in his trades.

At this point I was quite pleased as I was going to be learning a different Approach to trading as Jason bond’s service really only looks for small cap swing trades which in other word means stocks you only hold too for a few hours over a day.

“But once you learn this products secret, Teaching people this strategy truly is despicable”

I am glad to say that instead of jumping straight in, I decided to track some of James picks . And on first impressions everything seemed good. When the markets opened his picks do make sharp rises in value…. However on closer inspection the pick’s then generally fade away over the course of the day and In many case they even crash over the next few days .

So what going on ….. Well the big secret is penny stock prophet is actually a stock promoting service. James is actually getting paid to promote these stock picks. In the trade they call this a “pump and dump”

What really boils my blood is the e book actually teaches you to hold on to these stocks… that’s the whole strategy!! It even goes on to say that if you sold your stock early(in profit) ….you should buy back in after the price dips so you can profit a second time from another rise ? ……..

when really what’s happening is who ever paid James for his promotion is just looking to shed the stock they own in profit… they are paying for a surge in interest so the price rises and they can get out in profit quick…..with buyers lined up !

Truly this is an awful scam and I would not recommend it to anyone….But just in case you don’t believe me …..Its actually all documented in the products “terms of service”…..

You see the beauty of financial products is they are regulated …..and this is no different, If you wade through the pages of terms, you will eventually find the info, they have to tell you this …..

Otherwise they are liable for prosecution.

So you can forget about making a million in 38 trades this will only lose you money!  ……..Oh and another little fact you’ll find in those terms and conditions is….. James Connelly is not even a real person

No there is no “boy genius” as the sales page describes….. Instead its a pseudonym used to protect the penny stock prophet s creator……you know so you can’t send him abusive mail…….

But hey ……. His real name is Jeffrey Scott….. So fire away!

Don’t Buy This !

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Penny Stock Prophet

Penny Stock Prophet

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