Review: Valued Opinions Is It worth Signing Up ?

valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a website that claims to pay you shopping vouchers for the completion of on-line surveys. They also claim to offer you the chance to enter weekly free prize draws.

In this review I will be looking at there service and if I think it is worth signing up.

How much do Valued Opinions Pay?

Well its not much the average survey pays out below 0.50p …There are exceptions to this but they are rare…..

The minimum pay out threshold is £10.50. Once you earnings reach this level you can request a shopping voucher.

What are Valued Opinions Not Telling You?

I would have to say that on the whole this service is quite honest and transparent …However the information on prize draw entry’s is not readily available.

To enter many of these competition’s you will often have to complete a survey for free or in many case  disclose your contact information to the draw provider.

This information is normally used for direct marketing.

Do Valued Opinions Have Unhappy Users?

From the research I have done most users appear to be happy with the service. There is a small minority of users that have had problems such as account closure.

Valued Opinions generally block accounts from user they believe to be defrauding there database. Users blocked have allegedly provided fake personal details in an attempt to qualify for more surveys. I would therefore advise readers wishing to sign up…. to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Their have also been a small number of users that have complained about payout waiting times.

So Does Valued Opinions Work? 

Yes Valued Opinions do exactly what they say the service provides. If you reach the payment threshold and you have not broken any rules in doing so you will be paid with a voucher of your choice. Payment can take a few weeks.

From my own experience i would say that it can take a long time to reach the payment threshold as you will not qualify for all the surveys and those that you do qualify for can be time consuming. This site is not one of this industry’s highest payers …..

I would add there are quicker and easier ways to make money…But this is not a scam

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Thank You For Reading