Review: Vivatic.. What can you expect from this service?


Vivatic is a website that claims to pay you for the completion of tasks such as completing surveys or signing up for different offers … they also offer the opportunity of gaining an on-line job… but these job are quite rare

In this review i will be looking at there service and if it is worth signing up with them..and of course answering the question can you make money at home..?

How much do Vivatic Pay ?

Well there are a few tasks that will pay 2/4 £ but mostly tasks pay under 1£…The tasks that pay higher often involve signing up at different sites.

You can also earn 2£ by referring friends ….Payments are made by Pay Pal and the threshold for payment  is £25

What are they not telling you ?

I believe they are quite open and honest …….but I should add that to complete “some offers” may require you to spend money on another website… In fairness you could reach the payment threshold with out completing these offers ….

From my own experience I would also avoid offers such as “competition” that ask for contact information as this will usually lead to direct marketing ..i should say that a lot of offers do ask for this

I would also never disclose you mobile number to complete an offer…….This will also lead to Marketing text Messages.

In the worst cases some competition entry’s involve you signing up for a premium text service….

Do Vivatic have unhappy users ?

Yes there have i have seen reports on different websites and forums of users being banned or locked out of there accounts…

However from the research i have done it appears in most cases this is due to user’s breaching the terms and conditions of use …

I would therefore advice anyone interested to read Vivatic terms carefully as well as checking the terms for any offers you wish to complete through there site.

Some offers also do take time to validate

So Does Vivatic work ?

Well yes it does work ….From my own experience i can tell you if you reach the payment threshold they do pay out…because of the nature of this website reaching payment threshold can take some time

Honestly i would have to say i have found much easier and definitely less time consuming ways to make extra money. but the fact remain that this service does work and is not a scam

If you do enjoy surveys and completing other offers you can sign up for Vivatic below

If you wish to learn about other ways to make money on-line then you could also visit my top systems page. I can at the very least explain exactly how these “other methods” work with the good and bad points

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Price (Free)


    Time to Use (Very long)


      Support (Ok)


        Investment (None)


          Profit (poor)



            • - Free to Use
            • - Easy to use


            • - Surveys and offers take time
            • - You will receive spam from offers
            • - Payments are quite low