Review: Project Payday, Can You Make Money ?

Project Payday

Project PayDay is a members site that teaches you how to make money from those “get a free i pad” or “claim a free gift” adverts you see every where on-line.

So How Does Project Payday Work ?

“PPD” teaches you how to make money by becoming a paid referral for someone who wants that “i Pad” or other similar reward. The system claims you must  first start by help others to claim those prizes or rewards by becoming a “paid referral” for them.

After this stage you can them becoming the person that buys these referrals. 

For a $34.95 fee you receive a training Manuel and access to a members area/ forum  that teaches the process and allows you to access other people using the system.

How much does Project Pay day pay ?

You must start by participating in a forum with users offering  to buy your referral. In this forum you find someone who is “buying” referral opportunities an you offer you services to them . To do this you use the built-in trade manager software to set up a trading agreement with the Buyer.

At this stage you could receive between 5 to 25$

When an agreement is made the buyer sends you a link which you must use to access and complete the offer. This is called “going green” and will show up on the Buyer’s list as a qualified referral.

To explain this a bit better …. If the referral buyer wants to get a $300 “I pad” from one of these sites. they may need 5 qualified referrals to complete the offer, So they could pay 5 people $20 each to sign up and become a referral, 

This means they could get there “I pad” for $100 instead of $300 and by helping them complete this offer you would receive $20

Once you had done this enough you can them become the buyer and pay others to help you claim rewards….

So what are they not telling you ?

Well almost all of the referrals you are paid for do require you to pay some sort of ” fee” although this is not as much as buyers will offer you to do it… You will need to enter credit card details and there are also generally paid trials …..This means that they will re-bill after a certain length of time.

The whole point of the service is you must complete most of the trial and then cancel before it re-bills. I should also add that many of these offers will require you to enter contact details such as address, email and mobile numbers.

This will result in spam emails and cold calls from all of the offers you enter in too.

Do Project Payday Have Unhappy Users ?

Yes, for the research I have done..most users normally are angry about two things….The first is some of the offers have different terms and conditions and require different cancellation conditions to be met, This normally means that the referral they have been paid for ends up costing them more than they were paid. Or at the very least they must battle for a refund.

The second thing people complain about is the length of time some buyers take to pay out . It should be said that

“Almost all referral buyers will not pay out until they have there i-pad in hand, but they will pay out “

So does Project Payday Work ?

I would have to say yes….. people can earn money from home with this however….You need to be methodical about which offers you have taken up, when to cancel and you must read each offer’s terms and conditions to check for any surprises… Such as premium texts or cancelling conditions…

If you can complete the offer and can be sure of all the costs…… as well as being able to wait for your pay out from the referral buyer then you can earn from the first stage…

If you make the second stage of buying referrals then things will be easier…

I would recommend that you open a separate email address for this product too.

I find the process to be quite involved for the types of returns and the system is completely reliant on new people signing up…. However you can make money…

This site was started to test products like this that claim to produce a second income ….despite discovering allot of scams   on my Top Systems page. you can read about the other products  that have worked for me

Thanks for reading


Project Payday

Project Payday

Price ($34.95)


    Time to Use (long)


      Support (Excellent)


        Investment ($50.00 max)


          Profit (ok)



            • - Good Support
            • - Cheap
            • - At stage 2 profit increase massively
            • - $50 a week at stage one is achievable


            • - Trial offers must be canceled on time
            • - You will receive spam from trial offers