Review: Binary Options Robot .com Free Trading Software


From the get go the Binary Options Robot looks massively suspicious as the graphics of the web page look to be an exact clone of the roulette bot plus scam..

But let me explain the other reason why you should not use this software..

First Of all never trust free software …..Even the poorest of all the trading software on the market that makes even the smallest of % gains would command a high fee…. so why would they be giving it away free …..please think even to gift it to you  …they will still incur high costs ..

Think of the web hosting fee for the site… the cost to program it and even the cost of advertising

So what if it costs them its free to me ?

Yes but your money will be involved at some stage of this process…i.e… in depositing and trading….so they still have the potential to profit…..most brokers will share a % of any losses with who ever referred you to them…..Also other brokers have been caught creating well advertised “miracle” trading systems to make you feel like you can not lose……also just to get at your cash

Don’t you wonder why you can only use with “selected brokers” because login would say if it worked with one it would work everywhere ?

Binary Options Are not Great..

I do not believe any one can profit consistently from this type of trading ….I have formed this opinion after years of trying and testing the systems of people that claim differently ….

It must also be said that there are some worrying trends forming in with many binary brokers too, most of them are offering free bonuses on deposits which then prevents money from being withdrawn. Also, they have tendencies to manipulate prices too so positions lose. 

In the worth cases there have also been reports of unscrupulous brokers being registered in exotic territory’s to avoid common international laws so you could find you self unable to act if you don’t agree with a decision they make.

But What is the Most Worrying Part Of Binary Options Robot

Its the fact that you must enter the login details of your broker account to use this software on it..

  • Not only are you leaving the software in charge of your money
  • And trusting it will work despite you having little input on the trading style
  • But you are also giving who ever owns it full control of your broker account with all the personal and payment information it will contain…

Add This information to what i have told you about the high running costs they must offset…and the only logical option is the have created this software to take your money

what about other forms of trading …

Unfortunately every type of trading from binary options, Penny stock to Foreign Exchange to name but a few have scams ….so I would advice any one to research what and where you plan on trading…

Even the best brokerages …don’t particularly like winners but they aggregate all clients positions and if there is a significant mismatch they hedge the market to compensate… so don’t lose faith completely

But i would strongly advice you not to try binary options robot …its a scam pure and simple

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