Review: Jason Bond Picks Stocks but Can He Really Pick Profits ?


I actually came across Jason Bond Picks while i was trawling the web looking for profitable Forex systems for my new site and after buying in my experience has been really good.

Unlike Forex Trading and binary options the stock market does not use leverage!  This in simple terms means that although your investment capital in most cases is much higher. Your potential risk of loss is never as great……And your money is spent on ACTUALLY buying a share in a company’s ownership rather than a position on a price rise or fall….

That said, who in today’s terrible economy actually has the money to buy a company share? As most people will know 1 Apple share costs well over $500….

So you might be as surprised as i was to learn that there are actually thousands of shares that trade for as low as 0.01 cents  ….And these are what this system specialises in turning a profit from…. 

Now I know what your thinking! What about the commission from the Stock Brokers? Those will be sky high …..And that was my first thought also ….But because these trading platforms are just giant computers the recommended broker for this system only charges a $1 fee per 100 shares traded…..

Jason Bond Picks is an expert professional trading service that specialises in the often referred to as “Penny stock market” and although there are still stocks available for that price his picking service includes more shares between 1 to 5 dollars…

So What does this system Do

Well firstly you need to learn how to trade. Inside the member’s area there is a massive amount of trading advice. You have the option of how you wish to learn. Making use of guides, e-books and lots of instructional videos.

Not only will you learn how to trade but you will also be taught the strategy to use when trading … I never had the feeling that Jason and his team were keeping all the good stuff secret!

To supplement the training there is a live trade room! This is like a trader’s chat room, But it always has Jason or at the very least one of his team… just a few seconds away from you for advice ..

Via this trade room you can actually watch Jason or Head Day Trader Luke Murray place live trades in front of your eyes! They also talk you through the trading as well as dispensing real time advice.

But of course the real reason you sign up is for the Trading Picks  ….These trades all range in value but it is comforting to know that they back up all their tips with their own money too…. I have watched them do it live.

You can choose how to receive the Trading picks! Either by email or by text message or if you are on-line and logged in a warning sound will alert you when they have found one … he also offers a free trial of the email picks on his home page

I prefer this as i like to watch them place the trades first and then I just copy them …I find that helps avoid any mistakes……

The broker I use is called Interactive Brokers. They offer a very low cost at just a $1 per 100 shares traded ….there is of course plenty of advice on where to trade.

I should also say that Jason has designed the system to work well for people that don’t intend to sit by a computer all day.

He created a  Daily Watch List … this has strict rules to follow on each trade as well as a ready made list of what might  trigger a big move. This is easy to view on the site and can also be received by email. His top Picks often also Include a video on Strategy too

You can also choose to be alerted on when to close trades.

We actually have quite an advantage using this system in the UK as our early evening is their morning so it fits perfectly if you work through the day ….

The system is available world wide…but please think about the time difference in your country before you sign up ……

I don’t think you will need a massive amount of money to start trading today ….I began with around £600 which is about £1000 but i could have started with a lot less…..

This is a great place for any beginner to start trading! There is much less risk than Forex or Binary if you don’t know what you’re doing ….

The System cost £220 for a 3 month licence that about $330 i have made slight over this fee in my first 3 weeks of trading so i can say this is a great system for budding Traders…

“Anyone could do this, You really can follow his trades and make money at home”

below are some screen shots however  i was not allowed to show or record parts of the members area so i could not complete a video tour …sorry

jason mem 1Jason Bond Members Area 2

If you are interested in this product ..Jason also provides a free trial of stock picks by email…

You can sign up for his site below

Thanks for reading

***Update … Jason and his team have added a few more payment plans for his excellent training course including the option to trial his product IN FULL for a month for just 50$….. that’s around 30£ …. I think a month is the sort of timescale you need to fully explore and learn the basics of his methods, to see his picks performance and to decide if trading is for you.

So I see this as a great improvement….. Not many newbies will admit they were entirely comfortable signing up for 3 month’s (or more) when they knew little or nothing about stock trading …… I know I wasn’t at first.

But this trial will now allow anyone interested to really get stuck in and put Jason and his team to the test !!! I highly recommend it. ***

Jason Bond Picks

$ Quarterly or $ per Year279997
Jason Bond Picks

Price ($279.00) Quarterly


    Time to Use (medium)


      Support (Excellent)


        Investment ($300.00)


          Profit (Excellent)



            • - Choice of stock pick alert format
            • - Live trading area
            • - Wealth of training materials
            • - Excellent support and advice
            • - Day trading profits


            • - High price
            • - US trading hours may not suit everyone