How To Make Money Online with Out Buying Anything

You are probably already aware that this site is all about testing Money Making Systems but in Truth most folks will just never believe  that they actually can work …….I know this because the most asked question i get is “how can i make money ” with out buying one

so resisting the temptation to tell people, go to a car boot sale or sell on eBay,

Here is a list of How to Make Money on-line

That is hopefully original at the very least

Sell Anything Ever heard of it ?….Its website where you can offer to do “odd jobs” well in fact just about anything for 5 dollars (about £3) you can also offer up sell’s on that job for higher amounts too…..people offer things like building Facebook pages, or placing back links which are quite boring i know…But others make money in inventive ways ….offering voice overs with their soothing north america accent’s or selling the advertising space on their chest…..(some chest’s work better than others)

Be Better Than A Computer

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Program is where companies post tasks that machines cannot easily do, but that are relatively simple for humans. Some jobs pay up to $7 about £4 and the pay out level is around $10 ……

listen to Music will pay you to review new music ….I don’t think the pay is great about £1 for four song’s and its not chart pop but if you love discovering New music then why not make a little while you do it….


Do you live on Facebook you may be surprised then to learn that many people actually hate it ….And since it is now so important to running any sort of business on the face of the earth ….many company’s farm out their fan pages to those with actual passion for social media is one of many site that offers these kind of jobs and many more or will even pay you to like pages…….

Watch Security Cameras

Sound boring…..well if you catch a thief Internet Eyes will pay you £10 …when there site is work that is

Update: Internet eyes have gone out of business …it appears crime doesn’t pay

Sell You Hair

yeah that’s right those curly locks of yours have been a growing investment hairharvest pay between £60 to £200 …..

Sell Photos and are just two of a number of sites that will buy your photos…..The price does range widely so do some research …but I believe some sites will give you a percentage of the resale rights too

Phone SimCards

I have made money  myself with by ordering their Simcards for friends ..they pay £5 per referral  but in actual fact all the major networks do this …a few years back someone was in the news for making 14000 pounds doing this ……..How did he do it ? ….well he got 1000’s of simcard and put them in shops, library’s all over the place I imagine

Other Referral schemes

The internet has 1000’s of these in every category their is …It simple get someone to signing up and they will give you some of the money….visit your favourite site and check if it says referral or affiliate on the footer section somewhere…but failing that here is a short list

Amazon …will pay you 5% of anything you can promote for people to buy

Sky Tv ..will pay you £75 for any one you referrer to them….you must be an existing customer….

Transfer wise is a massively cheaper way to send money abroad than by using your bank ….Refer  3 friends £50..

almost all bingo and casino site will pay you to refer a friend

As will many banks, credit card company’s, and software company’s like Skype or Anti Virus providers

just have a quick Google for good ones

And you don’t need to just sign up you friends put an advert on gumtree, Craigslist or other free advert sites or even your local paper …..tell people you will split the referral fee…

This is exactly what sites like topcashback do

Design An APP

Sound stupid ? Yes most of us don’t have the programming knowledge to do this but if you have a great idea …..visit fiverr and pay some one to make it  …….I should also say that although many people will try to sell you software to create apps ….it is actually free from google and is easier to use than you think….

Write an E Book

We all have a book in us….. but competition for a publisher is difficult

So forget about them …what a publisher was actually needed for in the past was promotion ….but in the internet age with the use of clickbank. Product creators can get their E book promoted every where by instead sharing a bit of the price

Get Paid To Write

Another avenue the internet has opened up it to every one is writing for money

Some site will help you sell your writing others will display your work and share advert revenue with you … do some research but here is just a few

Content BLVD   hubpages   helium

You can also get cash to draw or design logos on some sites

Medical Tests

It is now possible to registered for medical testing on-line too

This is not going to be every ones cup of tea but sites like Covance pay between £500 to £3000 they will also pay you £200 to refer a Friend …a Bonus i think you can always send someone you don’t like

Sell You Story

Ever met a rude celebrity, been screwed over by a company or have an extreme or close to death story ….

Check the site of your favourite Newspaper or even Magazines like will pay for this stuff…and quite well too

Don’t Recycle Old Phones 

Sites like mazuma and other that give you a few pounds for your old phone actually keep the new models and resell them through vendors on Amazon ….so check your model as anything made in the last 4 year is probably worth over £50 ……if it works ……

Rent Out Your Cupboards

If you live in the city then storage is a premium commodity….site like storemates among others can help you earn from them

Have an Unusual Home

My House Your Shoot is a site that will help you to rent your home to film company’s ……you can rub shoulders with the stars

Well that,s all i have for my How to Make Money list …However you can also visit my top money systems page … the very least i can explain how all those systems make money with there good and bad points ….so you can decide if they could work for you

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