Review: Binary Pilot ….Binary Trading Software

Binary Pilot

Binary pilot is trading software for binary options that you may see as you browse the web. The software comes with a free trial.

It claims to trade Binary Options for you and produce massive profits for any users …. Sound’s Lovely

Their is are a few glaring problems i see with that like to start with  …..Binary Option Trading doesn’t work ………By work I mean end in Profit …….if you are new to my site then this may be news too you so by all means browse that category …..

Why Do they offer a free trial ?

Well i should first make it clear that they work with the binary option brokers… Many broker’s struggle to get enough people trading on their platform’s…. so they offer anyone with a website or other means  commission for the amount of new sign ups they can refer…..

In this way it is possible to make money with out actually selling anything…….

Sound harmless …well this is the important facts you should know about this system or others like it. That commission is normally a percentage of what the new customer loses  Put simply they only get paid when you sign up and then lose money…….! not when you trades profit

So Why the Software 

Well it creates trust doesn’t it…..we are use to thinking of software as useful and generally most will admit ….there are many task’s they can do much better than us…. counting …data crunching and probably writing and spelling in my case….

So Bare with me please….. this is my Main Point

… are just about to take a free trial on a piece of software that requires you to deposit money …..Real Hard Earned Cash….and then let it trade in binary options for you ……….a PROCESS in which you will have no input….No decision making …….No button clicking……….. Safe in the knowledge now that the creator of that software  ONLY gets his check when your  trades fail…..

Or in Fairness when the trial end’s and you buy this  product …

Is it not then also a little strange that  They don’t actually mention how long your trial is …….and they don’t offer any way to buy it out right ? I could not find any payment screen..

UPDATE: The sales page now states that the software is free for 90 days….But the members area say 75 days ?

You are being forced to trial it first though that is my point…

I also notice you cant use or access the software until you sign up to one of there recommended brokers but to then use the software you need to enter you username and password from that broker

so in affect it  doesn’t  just trade your money……it also  takes complete control of your broker account…

I don’t like the though of having a registered credit card for deposits when I don’t control the log in do you ?

To the left is a cutting from one of the listed brokerages.

It states the policy on password security

they also say in the terms and conditions That this is your responsibility….you should keep you password safe….

Also It seems to be the first trading robot in history with just one setting….how much CASH per trade their is no indication as to risk or reward

Binary options are  a leveraged product

This mean you can make real profits from a small capital trade but you can also make losses much higher that the value of your trade…..they carry a much higher level of risk to other forms of trading as the leverage is higher …and your trade is a position on price fluctuation you never own the commodity …..

I do hope you take some of these points on board before you sign up  ….this system really sound’s very similar to the roulette software(or Robots) I called out a long time ago…… they profit in exactly the same way…….the only difference being the game.

Thanks for reading

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