Review: The Pirate Trader Binary Options Trading System

The Pirate Trader

The Pirate Trader is the new name for ……..the trader in pajamas …….please see here which is great news because i don’t have to write another long and involved review of why binary option trading is pointless..

I imagine the name change is to stop you finding a bad review for it …when you searched Google …so thanks to reader Alex for spotting this change…..

You would be wise to read its original review or any of the other binary option reviews in that category as i have proved  now that these systems just don’t work….

This is the shortest review i have ever had to write

Please bear in mind also

Binary options are a leveraged product this mean you can make real profits from a small capital trade but you can also make losses much higher that the value of your trade…..they carry a much higher level of risk to other forms of trading …and your trade is a position on price fluctuation

The only form that does not involve leverage is the stock market where people trade shares in company’s

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