Review: WordPress Wealth Creation….Website Building Course

Wordpress Wealth

Due to the popularity of the reviews i have previously written in this genre….. this is another review of a website building course which if followed can become a profitable income for its creator.

Update this review is a bit old now and since i wrote it i have found a better system for building websites here

i am happy to say that out of the systems i have looked at so far this is the best and also surprisingly the cheapest…….

WordPress Wealth Creation is basically a step by step guide with instructions and videos on how to build a WordPress website. It begins with ideas and advice on the topic or genre of the site you are about to build …..this includes market research from the systems creator “Jermaine”….This can teach you how to find the topics people actually search for…but if you already have that topic in mind then this can also help you to refine that idea.

You then follow instruction on installing word press, picking the right theme or style for your site and then you move on to content creation.

The course also has a running theme on good search engine optimization techniques to get you visitors as well as a whole section with 100’s of free tips to gain traffic as well.

But of course once your site is under way the course begins to teach you how to make money from your website. it focuses on three things….advertising, affiliate marketing and how to make money with amazon products in-bedded in to your content….

In my opinion this is good course on building websites

however i believe other products i have reviewed in particular the real guys can teach you better methods of producing money once your site is built ……

but at $27 or £15 this is a great place to start…..It is fair to say this is focused towards the complete beginner but user with more experience could still learn something….


I will also add that building with WordPress does not involve learning any coding or technical skills it really is fantastically simple for all …..for more info click here