Review: The ATM Machine or


Forex and its earning potential has been on my radar for a while now so i have invested in a 4 systems and will be documenting their results through out the months i will start with this one ……………….And its fantastic tagline

yeah they probably.... but that's cause they ignored your video and when to work for a month....!

yeah they probably did…. but that’s cause they ignored your video and when to work for a month….! oh and we have pounds in the UK ?

So where to begin ….well the ATM machine this is a pile of steaming shit. its a scam…..simple 

the software offers to make you $3000 per trade for $47 which should in its sell already have alarm bell ringing in your head…….But wait that’s not all………  all once you buy this product……………..and before you can actually access it i might add the you will then get the one time chance limited time offer sales shits  of owning the “Advanced ATM software” that makes you $5000 per trade for a steal at $97…..

But it doesn’t end their you’ve now been selected to own the “Ultimate ATM software” that promises $10000 per trade… a snip at $197 ……wow how great ……..Then comes private coaching on trades at a mere $77……..

But hold on a minute haven’t i just bought trading software ?…….you know ….that does it all for me ? why the fuck would i need you to coach me ?

Please be aware also that all the price reductions when you leave the sales page may be inviting but in the small print they all re-bill at inflated prices………..

In reality i would let let “Martin Johnson” the Forex guru give me directions to a bus stop. His sales pitch is fantastic however his product is actually NON EXISTENT as after all his sales bullshit i couldn’t even get the software as his download link is broken…….probably a blessing their cause is you can program a website what chance is their that hes managed to make his software work. what a scam.

Lot of small print about refund conditions to read also (and angry users on forums) but know this tell them the product is faulty and by law you can get a refund in us/ uk and european law for up to a year……..remind them of this and you should be fine. the company that takes the payment is based in Ireland and has the same law as us brits…..

IF anyone is having trouble please message me and i will be happy to help out with this scam….one of my brothers is a lawyer and gives me advice on exactly what you have to write in these situations to get their attention.

This “C%&T” and that’s the most polite word i can label him with gives the rest of the money system community a bad name.

Oh and just to add i was happily informed by a user who did get this software that it despite its advertising it doesn’t even trade Forex ………its hidden binary option trading software ………

Now if you have browsed the site i have consistently with out doubt proven over many reviews that binary option trading is high risk gambling and can not be traded with the advantage need to profit…

Please leave this well alone …….and be aware you will find many good reviews for this product as he has an affiliate scheme but this is a honest review……….i don’t believe in promoting product which i don’t own (or in this case at least tryed to buy) as i don’t want to get labeled like him

don’t touch this please it is a scam

i will be updating on Forex product soon once i can document results

thanks for reading , and please please comment to help others