Review: Rapid Mass Profits Website creation and Money making system

Rapid Mass Profits

Due to the popular response to some of the other reviews i had done in this niche i decided it would be wise to look at some other products on the market which offer the same ideas.

The idea in essence is easy to follow courses to create  a website , learn to gain traffic and then learn the skills to make money from these sites. so today my review is on the rapid mass profits system.

The first main complain of this review is its price $77 for a few video tutorials which are not exactly easy to follow is to be honest ludicrous

this is not to mention the also over inflated hosting package that you are draw in to buying once you complete the initial sale.

this course focuses it efforts on making money with little focus on actually creating a site people will want to visit….. and trust me with out the content you will not get in to profit…

But the biggest complain in this review and any of you should really think about is this is a company that sells website training and hosting …… surly their site should be quite impressive ………this is their niche right ?

But it looks like they knocked it up in 1997…so with that, the price and the content……..i don’t thinks this is the course for you

info cash has a great deal of information on how to make money online , miles better than this

But i have also found a really good and cheap video course to get you a great site to use it on take a look at the real guys