Review: Football Tipster the Home of Professional Football Tips

football tipster

After hearing so much hype on sports tipping systems i have decide i need to get in and try one, And after 2 weeks of searching i have decided to try this is the first post of an ongoing review as i think this will be the best way to document my results.

These guys have been providing tips to 1000’s of subscribers for a few seasons now so i’m hoping that they know what they are doing.

I have chosen football tipster for a number of reasons but firstly i will say they are the first system that :

  • …..HAS NOT told me in the sign up page to trust them for 3 months, that is a terrible sales pitch….. lets face it
  • They are also the First I saw to list all previous tips they provided .. winning or losing
  • The system has a Money Back Guarantee …. i always rave about these….but for some reason the poorer systems don’t have them ?
  • Oh and finally they documented there results for last season they made £19,873.50 …..that is  bloody good money .

They have a free trial available if you are game , And they promise the system can be used in Every Country (even USA) as they have appropriate advice included on where to bet…..

the free trial is available Here

Check back tomorrow to see my first results

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