Review: Profit Maximiser Money System The Follow Up To Bonus Bagging

Profit Maximiser

The long awaited follow up to the Mike Cruickshanks massively successful Bonus Bagging is Finally with us

The new product is called profit maximiser. and i am happy to say i have made very good profits. 

I must say the first thing that shocked me was its simplicity. I had assumed this would be a lot more technical than its predecessor but that is simply not the case, if your are familiar with  bonus bagging then I’m sure you agree that the video tutorials explaining how to complete the offers as well as the profit margins made it such a success and i can confirm that the winning formula has been continued

but this is a different product.

In fact It uses completely different offers to Bonus Bagging so if you’ve already made money on that and you’re going to get involved in this. It’s all fresh profit. 

Now I AM NOT claiming that this product can beat the casino …… this idea simply does not exists in the real world ….and trust me i spent years trying …..

So how does it make money?

well  First …. their is list of all bonus casino cash available to you on-line….. this list also updates hourly with the daily offers from 100’s of casinos that are (time sensitive)…. This works on the principal that if its not your money that your gaming with……….. and you use techniques mike show you in videos …that quite often you can pocket casino cash with out taking any risk

mike will also show you how to adapt the bonus bagging model to bookmakers from other country’s than your own …so you can also cash out all those bookmaker bets also with out risk

And he will find and teach you how to place arbitrage bets…these are bet from different bookmakers on the same event …But due to a loophole long know to gamblers with the right odds ….you can make money betting with out the result actually mattering…..this is done with out the risk of detection because mike only bothers with  the most profitable arb’s and does not repeat bookmakers to often.

Then their is spread betting …..this is like taking a free bet and placing it in such a way that the pay out is much greater …..hard to explain…but it works

Then their is his horse racing techniques, slot, bingo offers and other stuff it would be unfair to mention….

It just about every method ever invented to take bonus cash and put it in your pocket  

so what else does the system offer, Well with the videos there’s also a forum and a private Facebook page you are invited to join so any question or advice is sorted out quickly. this is not another faceless money scheme. and you would be amazed at the size of that community already. plus you will find hearing other users sharing their experiences to be quite motivating.

So what are the downsides. well every thing has been worked out well, but to be a strict honest review I’m will say time to use

some offer take 5 minutes but some have you playing for over a half hour ….. and you won’t win them all ……but to be fair it is quite fun to use ….probably more fun than normal gambling is your not shedding money

Now it costs £97 which is also not as cheap as bonus bagging is……

but in defence of Mike and his team …they have put a huge amount of work in…and that is easy to see this once you start use……..

you can sign up to this system below

Here are some comments from the facebook page

“That’s me finished my P.M. activity for August – final profit £3585.01… I would just like to thank Mike for setting up this fantastic service and also all the many wonderful people on here who contribute so much and are only too willing to help others”. – Steve A

“I can do it whenever I have free time… the offers don’t take more than 30 minutes each. And I won £80 in 5 minutes RISK FREE!” – Nikki W Profit Maximiser

“Thanks to Profit Maximiser, my total betting profit for the month has exceeded £1000 for the first time. Thanks ever so much to Mike and to all you wonderful PM members. This experience has not only been profitable, but also very enjoyable. Long may it continue! I haven’t even done the bookie sign-up bonuses on the PM site yet and I’m still making over £1000 a month”. – Christopher B


Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser

Price (£97.00)


    Time to Use (long)


      Support (Excellent)


        Investment (£200.00)


          Profit (excellent)



            • - Most offers 100% risk free
            • - Easy to use, With videos explaining tecniques
            • - Full list of 100's of offers
            • - Teaches almost every method to earn from bookies and casinos
            • - Forum and Facebook groups


            • - Quite time consuming
            • - You cant win all offers
            • - Some offers require deposit