Review: Bonus Bagging …Risk free Cashing Out Of Bookmaker Free Bets

Bonus Bagging Review

Already a Bonus Bagger then check my review of Mike’s follow up profit maximiser.. you know Mike now ….so you know it’s a cash cow too……..

This is the first sports betting system i ever reviewed and i can not speak highly enough of it…

First of all i will tell you how bonus bagging works…..It is a full proof risk free way of cashing out bonus and matched bets at Every sports bookmaker you can sign up too (They call it bonus abuse but they can’t do anything about it ) Finally ……We ALL can get our own back….

Don’t take my word for it……..Mike’s (the system creator)had a write up in a national uk newspaper The Guardian..they described him as the bookies worst nightmare.. because its catching on so fast

Basically, Mike sends you simple, step-by-step instructions on how and which bets to place bets to help maximize your profits –and you just need to spend a couple of minutes to put them into action, The first bets cancel each other out or make a modest profit …….And then you’re betting with the bookies money .

Then comes another bit of magic bet advice from Mike … this will match “their” cash and soon you’ll be cashing out the bonus, And the best thing is, your money is NEVER AT RISK … the results of the bets doesn’t matter as they are matched. you profit what ever happens ….This system always Wins
Make thousands RISK FREE
Have a look at the welcome offers  from some bookie’s …at the very least most offer £50 in free bets but it’s such a cut throat market, many offer over £100 in free bets to new customers …Bet.365 are offering £220 right now and Betfair are £175 and that’s just Two….There are 100′s, and bonus bagging can cash them all out

There’s an account area with Instructions, and video tutorials. But Mike is in the office every day to coach you through it …..Once you know what your doing its actually very simple, and it takes about 10 minutes….

i think its unfair for me to explain how the full system works in this review …..although i might have already….but mike deserves your money because it costs £27+TAX FOR LIFE  in my opinion for the graft he puts in every day.. Finding those magic bets …..and almost daily emails with smaller follow on bets.

These follow up or special offer free bets mean you can  take cash off the bookies more than once

There are over a 100 bookmakers operating in the UK and that’s not including the rest of Europe where we can bet also …….so how much have i made you ask?…. at just under 3 months of use i am close to £2500…..and that’s tax free

i will Finnish the review  the one negative …. if you want make £40/50 a day you’ll need at least a £100 of you own cash….. but that’s not a massive downside as You will never lose any of it 

i very happy to have found this…,But for the sceptics you also have a money back guarantee of two months.

Plus if you’re in any doubt you can now trial the system for a week for just £1 visit my UPDATE POST to find out how

Mike has a guarantee……as well … if you follow the instructions you will make £500 in 30 days or you can also get you cash back

Get this …its called BONUS BAGGING you wont regret it …..

Their is a video below of a full tour of the members area

 You Can Sign Up Here

UPDATE: to date I have made close to £3800 using this system it really does work … it is fair to say  that the bookmakers welcome offers are the biggest (new customers accounts), some were over £100 . but its not over … can continue using the system on special offers (mike emails them almost daily)  they are lower in value (£10 to £50) and usually have a time limit of a week or so … i thought it only fair to update but i still say for The price it was well well worth the money,

To my international friends it must be said that this system is tailored to European bookmakers although most will accept customers from worldwide …   (it depends on the bookie). if you can bet at william hill, betfair, bet 365 etc you can use this………. i am sorry for all the American visitors though as i don’t think you are allowed to bet on line….

thanks for reading , Paul

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Make thousands RISK FREE

if you’ve used it or you have a question please comment , all are welcome apart from spam  If You Already use this system then read my review on the follow up Profit Maximiser you know Mike ……so you know its another cash cow