Review: Roulette Bot Plus The Quick And Easy Way to Lose Money


  You’ve probably come roulette bot plus as you as you trawl the web, the advert has a collage professor who has cracked the secret code of the random number generator’s used by on-line casinos, and he’s desperate to share it with you for free ……what a top guy.

Best of all…. its a free program that you can download to your computer which will actual places these winning bets for you ….. (in his selected casinos) on European roulette game ….

“the clue’s in the name really”

so finally you can make money at home……right ?

But wait since its free to use, how do they make enough money to cover the cost of advertising?  

Or is this professor really a Utopian figure hell bent on destroying western society’s greed one casino at a time…..

Well no he’s not…… in reality roulette bot plus s creator isn’t even a professor…. and this software does not run on donations …..actually its just working with the selected casino’s.

What this means is, They get paid when you deposit money…….actually its more of a cut from the money you lose…….

But hey, there is no such thing as a free lunch, and its money you would have deposited any way so why not give them a cut , after all they have a fantastic program right ?

Well NO …., It actually doesn’t work ……In fact since they profit from you loss… It you could argue that its designed to fail…

In my 2 real tests, it lost all the deposited funds .

But I’m not the only one who lost out  … My you tube video gets angry user comments posted all the time…..

The system works by placing bets and then doubling them when they lose……. its the oldest technique there is .. and is actually called the  martingale system.

Here’s a Wikipedia link …there you can read the real maths behind this system and its flaw’s

But here is my less technical version ….

The problem is….. its quite common to see 10+ reds come up when your betting black. So doubling you bet will achieve very little  …..You either reach the table limits or burn too much cash to continue.

You may find a happy user now and them ….But that because you are gambling. Some times you win.

But please remember on ever casino game you ever play ….the odds are still against you….. The only real way to beat a casino is eliminate the risk by playing with there money…

THE FUNNY PART OF THIS ROBOT IS when it loses and you email  the software creator, He will tell you that you didn’t have enough cash deposited for the program to run safely……….Which is actually completely true. If you had a limitless amount of money you would eventually win back all losses…..

But this is reality and is not practical or possible for most/anyone

Check out the Facebook page too…. the abusive post’s ( if you catch one before it vanishes) are pretty humours.

“But for someone like you, who was/is about to use roulette bot plus..! they should also be sobering too……Remember that it was someone’s hard earned money they just lost”

If your going to gamble with roulette, (lets face it) the biggest attribute you will need is luck……

Betting techniques can increase you odds…. but the houses still has the advantage…

I would therefore not recommend anyone use this software.

There is a video at the bottom to help you Un-install, if you have already downloaded…. The software leaves a pop up message on your tool bar after you remove it which will need to found manually.

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Here Is the Video of How to Un-install …. Sorry this is vista but I’m don’t trust it on a new computer. It should work the same in windows 7 and 8.

Roulette Bot Plus

Roulette Bot Plus

Price (Free)


    Time to Use (Short)


      Support (Poor)


        Investment (limitless)


          Profit (None)



            • - Free to Use


            • - Does Not Make Money Consistently!
            • - Poor Support
            • - Only for Use In Selected Casinos